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Winery Kranz

What is special about our winery?
Founded from a typical Palatinate small agricultural business, the great-grandparents and grandparents specialized in viticulture after the 2nd World War and built up the winery. Even today we still run the winery in a very familiar way. Boris Kranz as manager and cellar master and his wife Kerstin Kranz is responsible for sales and marketing. We produce our wine exclusively from our own vineyards grapes. We don´t buy any grapes. Our winery concentrates on the classical grape varieties. We have been working in an organic way since 2013.

Through hard work, a lot of craftsmanship and a good portion of idealism we worked our way to the top of the Pfälzer wine producers. Since 2012 we are a member of the VDP.

Find our more in the attached pdf.

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