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Weinbörse review Paula Sidore

Motivierende Worte die Paula Sidore - Jancis Robinson - für Xaver´s erste Kollektion findet. Jancis Robinson ist eine britische Weinkritikerin. Sie zählt weltweit zu den prominentesten Persönlichkeiten im Umfeld der Weinpublizistik:
"Perhaps it was the VDP campaign highlighting the next generation but there were several impressive debut collections. One such is from Xaver Kranz (above) of Weingut Kranz in Ilbesheim in the Pfalz. Following studies at Geisenheim and positions at top estates around Germany and in the US, Kranz returned to his family’s estate in the summer of 2023. His debut vintage ticks all the boxes of refreshing, racy and balanced, as is typical of this estate. But this year there was an exciting pfiff – the final touch, the unexpected appeal that brings something together, an inner vitality and verve – that raised the wines from well-made to wow. "

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